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— Issue 7 —

»Desperate desires & dangerous dreams«

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Ethical Sloth is a zine of queer* comic artists for other queer* comic artists and everybody else.

Like many other zines, this zine is completely d.i.y., so there‘s no money_reward in for you, but being part of this new rad & fierce comic-zine! And you‘ll get free issues and the master-print, if you want to print‘n‘sell your own copies. Sounds perfect?

The deadline for the sixth issue »Desperate desires and dangerous dreams« is January 1, 2017. Specifications are: A5, comic and_or illustration. Language: any. Topic: »Desperate desires and dangerous dreams«. Technical stuff: A5, 300dpi, b/w (please leave a white border)

Questions: please feel free to ask your »Ethical Sloths« Dana »Dossie« Moustache & Yori »Janet« Gagarim:

— Issue 6 —

»Breakups And Downs«

Released at Mini Queer Zinefest IV Berlin / Queer Comics & Zines Hamburg


bluespunk »Breaking up with Freud« I »Breaking down under the pressure of having to be fit for work« I »mending & healing through breakups & downs«
C.A. Zines»Breakup? Hell yeah!«
Carlo Quispe
Yori Gagarim »Breakups and downs«
Lilli Loge »puddles«
Kuroe »Fleeing«
Raoul Berlin »Bad Karma« I »Draw your life pie« I »My glasses!« I »The breakup« I »Two weeks before they broke up«
Dana Moustache

— Issue 5 —

»Mansplaining Against Misogyny«

Released at Comicinvasion April 2016.

Yori Gagarim »Mansplaining against misogyny«
Chantal »Mensplaining against misogyny«
Henna Räsänen »Namedropping«
C.A. zines
Nina Nijsten »Chainsaw Bunny’s Guide To Humansplaining«
tigrowna »Mansplaining – and how to deal with it«
VLTEAR »Mit gutem Beispiel gehe ich voran«
Lilli Loge »How To Avoid Mansplaining At The Electronic Supermarket«
Dana Moustache

— Issue 4 —

»Happy Horror«

Released at the 3rd Mini Queer Zinefest September 2016. 3€,
cover b/w with red spray paint, other pages b/w

— Issue 3 —

»The Token Has Spoken«

Released at the second Mini Queer Zinefest April 2015,
3€, 28 pages, cover green, other pages b/w

— Issue 2 —

»Failing Foucault«

Released at the first Mini Queer Zinefest 09/2014. 3€, 40 pages, cover pink linol cut, other pages b/w

  • Jolly | Hier kommst du nicht rein
  • Mik | punk punk failure
  • Tool | My first left hend comic
  • Sabine Rollnik | Was wäre ich ohne Foucault?
  • Tine Fetz | Romanticism is a pain in the backside
  • Pussybear | Failing »the book«…
  • Tony Trouble | not trans* enough
  • Alison Bechdel
  • Crolis
  • pulpkwadraat | Hegemonien sind überbewertet
  • Baby Trout | Power is knowledge or how to be grateful to normativity
  • Deborah Schmidt | kontaktscheu | von paradoxien und solidaritäten | movement
  • c.c. | future-foucault‘s fashion-faults
  • Raoul Berlin | Visibility is a trap
  • Yori Gagarim | Failing Foucault
  • Anna Heger | Burggeschichte
  • Chanterelle
  • Dana Moustache

— Issue 1 —

»Hang With The Gang«

Released spring 2014. 3€, 36 pages
cover blue risoprint, other pages b/w

  • Imke Schmidt & Ka Schmitz | Leben in der Bar
  • Anna Heger | Nachbardorf | Schaf
  • Joacquina Garrote Gasch
  • Elliot Hughes
  • Kai Egener | Upcycling
  • Glamour Junkies | Hangs With Her Gang
  • Yori Gagarim | Hanging With The Gang
  • Pulpkwadraat
  • LTTRDN | Fuck The Natural
  • Henna Räsänen | queerfeminist bingo
  • Dana Moustache | Being On Tour



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